Schroder Leading In Latest Treasurer Poll

Schroder Leading In Latest Treasurer Poll

A new poll released today by nationally renowned Remington Research Group shows John Schroder leading all Republican candidates with just ten days until the election for state treasurer. This is the third legitimate poll with Schroder in the lead amongst Republicans. Schroder also leads all candidates in money raised.

Poll Results:
(R) John Schroder: 19%
(R) Neil Riser: 15%
(R) Angele Davis: 12%
(D) Derrick Edwards: 28%
Undecided: 27%

Key takeaways:
-Schroder dominating New Orleans DMA
-Schroder competitive in North Louisiana
-Schroder leading among men, women and conservatives
-Schroder with largest investment on TV

View the poll here.
View pollster memo here.

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