About John

Bringing his business and entrepreneurial background to Baton Rouge, Representative Schroder arrived in the State Legislature at a crucial time in Louisiana history.  First elected in 2007 by a predominantly conservative constituency in St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes, John’s district was redrawn following the 2010 census which now exists exclusively in St. Tammany.

Louisiana faces tremendous budgetary stress.  John envisions an efficient, accountable, and smaller state government and advocates for fiscal responsibility, traditional family values, civil service reform, controlling the size of state government, and revamping the state’s public university system. John advocates and has passed comprehensive “earmark” reforms and has emerged as a vocal spokesman for the average tax-payer demanding governmental accountability.

In his first term, John served on the Appropriations, Joint Budget, Civil Law, Criminal Justice, and Education committees. Drawing on his experience as a former special agent in the United States Army, and Louisiana narcotics agent, he led the House Select Committee on Homeland Security as Chairman and sat on a Special Committee on Military Affairs. John is the past Chair of The Taskforce for Legal Representation of Children and led the state in reforming how child protection and indigent parent services are delivered within the judicial system.

John is one of the founders of the House Fiscal Budget Hawks. The ‘Budget Hawks’ are a group of legislators committed to ending wasteful government spending, balancing the budget and ending the practice of using one-time money on recurring expenses.

John is a vocal opponent to increasing taxes on Louisiana taxpayers and is one of several leaders pushing for a streamlined budgeting process and the overhaul of the entire tax system for Louisiana.

John is a graduate of East Jefferson High School, Southeastern Louisiana University, and a Veteran of the United States Army.  He is a small businessman, real estate agent, and developer.

John has been married to Ellie Daigle Schroder for 31 years and reside in Covington. They are the proud parents of two successful children, Brittany and John Michael. Brittany graduated from Louisiana School for Math/Science/and Arts and is also a graduate of LSU Law School. John Michael is a St. Paul graduate and a graduate Northshore Community College’s school of Nursing.